• Foglizzo

    Since 1921, Foglizzo Leather has combined creativity, innovation and skilled know how to craft the highest quality leather. Over the generations the company...

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  • Perennials

    Since its debut in 1997, Perennials has become recognized as a designer’s dream fabric for contract and residential applications, transforming gardens,...

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  • Boyd

    Since 1921, Boyd Lighting has been bringing the architectural & interior design community premier lighting fixtures that beautifully complement exclusive...

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  • Sutherland Teak

    Known for bringing a fresh point of view to furniture design, Sutherland Teak  is all about refined furniture for casual contemporary outdoor living. Founder...

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Bisson Bruneel

For two generations, Bisson Bruneel has created and edited high end, contemporary fabrics. From their Parisian showroom to their workshop in Lyons, they produce their “Ready to Hang” curtains and blinds, and are unique for using combinations of fibres which include copper and abaca. The wool, linen and sheer base cloths can be embroidered with a range of 50 designs using 18 threads including leather and rafia, creating a unique product.

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